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* John Barryless / Hamlet  – Alcoholic and bitter. Too old to be playing Hamlet.
Anathea Ashton / Gertrude  – Pompous English theater diva who's been around a while.
++ Rex Lexington / Laertes  – Silky voiced, good looking, ambitious actor. Always "on stage."
Priscilla Wynewright / Osric  – Beautiful, spoiled, whiny actress. There's a hundred like her.
Bruce Billingsley / Horatio  – Always doing impressions. An "odd duck" who can't act.
Harold Faber / Claudius  – Nervous accountant-type who eavesdrops. What has he overheard?
@Max Von Kugelschreiber  – Flamboyant German director - But something's just not right.
## Lulu Truegrip  – Young, tom-boyish stage manager. Shy and scared, but a smart cookie.
* Inspector Jacques Cloules  – More clever than Clouseau, but with the same accent.
++ Policeman  – Stereotypical tough guy Chicago cop.

*  May be played by same actor
++ May be played by same actor
@ Best played by a woman
## May be played by the real stage manager, or by the same actress as Priscilla

Description –  A clear homage to the Bard of Avon, everyone will enjoy this funny, creative plot twister that includes a partial scene from Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet.  (Although scripted to be set in the 1940's, it can be adapted to many different time periods.)

Setting –  Chicago, 1946 in a temporary theater at the final dress rehearsal of Hamlet.  Because of the “dress rehearsal” aspect, the show can be done with minimal costume with or without a proscenium stage.

Price Level –  #1 (click link for script pricing chart)

Timeline – The actual murder mystery script runs approximately 1 hr and 30 min.  With time for a 3-4 course dinner and cocktail hour, running time is approximately 3:00-3:45 hrs.

Sleuthing – YES.  There is an opportunity for the audience to fill out accusation sheets and guess the murderer.

Music – No music or songs.

Acts – This murder mystery script has 4 Acts.

Endings – This murder mystery script has one ending.

Dinner Theater – This murder mystery script was originally written and designed to accompany a 3-4 course dinner.

Previous Productions (a sampling) 

United States:     California, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina,  New York,

                           South Carolina, Texas,

Canada:  Ontario

Carribean:  Cayman Islands

Europe:  Geneva, Switzerland

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(written by Philip Lester)
(all copyright laws apply)
... ...
JAQUES:    Très bien.  And you, the director, oui?
MAX:           Oui.  Er - Ja.  I am Maximilian Von Kugelschreiber.  
JAQUES:    Madame Von Kandelsniffer -
MAX:           That's MR. Kugelschreiber.  
JAQUES:    Oui.  Monsieur Karpetshiner.  You are from Germany, no?
MAX:           Ja.  I moved here from Stuttle ... dorf ... baden a month ago.  
JAQUES:    I see.  So you didn't know the deceased long.  I congratulate you on the production.  Perhaps he was a  bit old for Hamlet-  
REX:            See?  What have I been saying?  Too old, not to mention a drunk!  
ANATHEA:   Rex, please, we all knew of his inadequacies, but he's dead, for God's sake, show a little respect!  
BRUCE:        You should talk.  You're the one who said he was murdered!  Maybe you know something we don't!  
ANATHEA:    Why, you limp-wristed little -
JAQUES:    Mesdames et Messieurs, I ask you to restrain yourselves.  I would like to get through this as painfully as possible.  
LULU:         Less.  
BRUCE:      What, Lulu?  
LULU:         Less.  Less.  
ANATHEA:    What is she blathering about?  
LULU:        The Inspector said painfully.  Surely he meant painLESSly.  
JAQUES:    Ah, oui.  Painlessly.  Thank you for correcting my English, which stinks.  And what is your name, Mon petit chou?
LULU:         What did you call me?
JAQUES:    Mon petit chou.  It means “my little cabbage plant.”
LULU:        Oh.  How strange.  I'm Lulu Truegrip.  Niece of the deceased.  
ANATHEA:    Actually, John was her adoptive father
LULU:        He was not my father!  
... ...

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Original Interactive Comedy Murder Mystery Play

Written by Philip Lester